We aim to provide a welcoming space where conference delegates can connect with inspiring presenters and one another through creative keynote addresses, interactive panels and pampering.


We exist to bring together current and future early childhood educators and teachers throughout the region in an annual conference that focuses on professional development and networking with like-minded professionals. Invigorate is more than a conference; it’s an experience to learn from one another and to grow personally and professionally in a premium environment where educators get to relax, connect, enjoy delicious food and beverages and mingle with the most prominent early childhood educators in the country and beyond.

our essence

At Invigorate we focus on an inclusive, holistic and innovative approach to teaching and learning. We believe that children flourish when they experience high-quality early childhood education delivered with ethics, integrity and compassion. We believe that all children are born from love and we want every child to have the freedom to express themselves. We equip early childhood educators with knowledge of the most recent innovative approaches to early childhood education; incorporating art, technology, music, companion animals Christian values. We believe curiosity is a key driver for ongoing success and encourage educators and teachers to view learning as a life-long experience that benefits both their own development and the development of the children in their educational settings.



We believe that the arts, music and drama all play a role in helping children build confidence, embrace their uniqueness and develop critical social repertoires. We aim to instill confidence in every child by collaboratively building learning relationships that focus on thinking in order that they can express themselves in a way that is most comfortable and natural to them and fair and equitable for the worlds in which they live and create. That is why we incorporate music, drama and companion animals from the outset.


As hosts of Invigorate we believe that God created everyone in His own image and that all people are known and loved by God. Children are a gift from God, and He has entrusted us with the modelling and teaching of kindness, love, respect and wonder towards people and the world.
While we aim to frame our values around the Christian faith, we lovingly welcome educators from all backgrounds and walks of life. Although there will not be explicit Christian teaching within the conference, it is our hope that attendees experience God’s love and are affirmed and equipped in their giftings, passions and purpose.