After qualifying as an early childhood teacher, Anthony spent his early career working in long day care.

Eager to learn as much as he could about practice and people, he built his pedagogical knowledge and developed his skills in fostering relationships. Early on, Anthony also discovered the importance of equity and social justice as a driving force in social change. His desire for learning remains apparent, so too does his commitment to naming inequity, shifting practice towards justice and living a life that embodies all that he preaches.


Early Childhood Myth Busting – The Great Debate


If you had to take a perspective you didn’t hold and argue that point how do you think you’d go? In this interactive intellectually playful keynote Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Anthony Semann will be addressing many of the myths we hold in early childhood and debating them. Using the old ‘pick a wicked problem out of a hat’ method – they will literally pick out issues that delegates have placed in the hat (a fabulous hat of course!) and debate the opposing views. Red and Anthony will engage with page 13 of the EYLF and MTOP to illustrate how the various wonderful theories that shape early childhood pedagogy and curriculum can be debated creative and whimsical ways.