Founder of Australia’s “Bush Kinder”.

Doug Fargher consults, writes and speaks nationally about the benefits of play-based learning, outdoors in nature, successfully brought learning in nature into the consciousness of modern Australian educators.

He is also a respected hands-on educator teaching children for more than three decades. Doug’s achievements through his work with “Bush Kinder” have successfully brought learning in nature into the consciousness of modern Australian educators


Exploring Different Perspectives In Outdoor Learning


Outdoors is the healthiest place to be for children and educators. The outdoors offer spaces that are inclusive, promote competence and provide a balance of relaxation, inquiry, provocation and physical activity.  

We are all different and some of us are more comfortable, confident and knowledgeable in the outdoors that others. During this session you will hear different perspectives, overcome fears and gain an understanding of what is required under the National Quality Framework.

You will learn about how being outdoors benefits children’s learning and development, and you will gain confidence in communicating this learning to families and colleagues. Drawing upon the latest research, professional knowledge and real life stories, Doug and Louise will inspire you to engage the power of learning outdoors.