Tiana is a 23 year old  woman who was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder at the age of 12. She always had a love for music, singing and dancing. Tiana showed an interest in the performing arts at an early age and joined a dance school at the age of 3 where she learned ballet, tap and jazz. In her teens Tiana also volunteered whilst she was at high school at The Autism Advisory Support Services as she developed an interest in helping young children with Autism and helped in the playgroup for preschoolers. Tiana joined a dance school in 2017 called Everyone Can Dance which is a place where she felt safe enough to freely express her love for the performing arts. She has also performed at numerous charity events to raise Autism Awareness. Tiana is currently employed as an early childhood educator at Exploring Tree, she completed her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services in 2021.


Inclusion – The Musical!


Written and Performed by Tiana Dovecer, Brianna Howie & Dr Red Ruby Scarlet 

(An Exploring Tree Early Learning Professional Development Initiative…)  

This musical is the story of two early childhood educators who are employed at Exploring Tree Early Learning. As diagnosed neurodivergent women, this musical is a fabulous expression of their life experiences in educational settings. With all original music, the songs will open your heart, invite you to reach for reflection about people’s experiences of neurodiversity, give you insights to moments of exclusion and teach you lots and lots and lots about inclusion. Be prepared to laugh, cry, sing, clap, connect and reflect on the beautiful experience of what it means to be alive – especially after you meet the SuperStars…